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Everyone learns differently. And here at Brève Reports we want to make learning the games we love easier! Our guides are easy to use! and we are always looking for ways that would make our guides a little better!

Seasonal Guides - Destiny 2

Each season things change, loadouts differ and leveling changes. These are the most recent, and updated guides.

Raid Guides

Destiny 2 Raids rotate, gear changes and the best way to run changes with the seasons. Here are our most recent guides updated regularly. 

Coming soon

We are releasing guides as quickly as we can make them! Next on the list is next seasons GMs, weapon loadouts and mission guides. 

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We appreciate any and all support. Simply using, talking and sharing our guides is support enough! That said, we do not charge for our guides and would like to keep it that way. They do help with server costs, and will help us create an app for our guides in the future.